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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQ's below.  It may help to answer any questions you may have.  If you have a question that is not answered below, give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you. (417) 597-4407

Q: Can I get a photograph of my own car on a sign?

Q: I love my sign. Thank you so much. Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

A: Yes. We love to do this. Browse our "Custom Car" Designs.  After you place your order, email us an image of your car.  
A: Yes. Give us a call and let us know which sign and quantity you'd like. (417) 597-4407. You can also visit our Wholesale site at:

Q: I have my own business and would like my logo on a tin sign. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Email us your logo and follow up with a phone call for "specifics".  (417) 597-4407

Q: Can you put a picture of my daughter on a tin sign?

A: Yes. Photo signs turn out very well. Email us your photo and follow up with a phone call for "specifics".  (417) 597-4407

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